Hello! I realize May was my last post. I really need to do this much more often. Plus I need the practice of sitting down at a keyboard and coming up with something worth saying off the top of my head.

I have been busy writing new stories and illustrating others. I’ve also been zooming a lot of children’s book conferences courtesy of Society of Children’s Books Writers and Illustrators. For any of you who are pursuing or even interested in writing for children, I highly recommend joining SCBWI. They offer so many wonderful resources and tons of information concerning the craft of writing and the path for trying to get your book published. That’s not even mentioning the comradery of regional groups who meet to critique and encourage one another.

Hope your little goblins stay very safe this Halloween as you think of new and inventive ways to celebrate during this COVID-19 time. Backyard bonfire complete with S’mores? Costume contest with cousins? Paper cutting, Pumpkin carving, Face painting decorating?

Take care and stay safe!

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