My, what a feisty fellow
That jay on the wire can be!
Cawing and causing a chaos,
Ruler of ruckus is he.

Boasting his might, daring to fight,
That jay frightens all from his tree.
Flapping and flashing his fury,
Trespassers furiously flee.

Perched at the top of his domain,
He puffs-up his feathery down.
“I am the king!” cries the blue-robed songbird.
“Surely you noticed my crown!”

End of 2020

Winds of time, come sweep away

The devastation of the day;

The isolation, grief and fear,

The sorrow shed in every tear.

Face to face, not screen to screen,

We long to be heard & hugged & seen.

Aching heart, desperate grope

Reach for life & peace & hope.