Happy 2020!

I hope the new year has gotten off to a good start for all. This year I am trying to be more diligent in attending to the tasks I have been wanting to accomplish. Working on my website. Writing and illustrating more. Trying to learn the complicated art of marketing! There is something that a mentor of mine once told me: In the book industry there is only one thing you can be sure of. If your manuscript is in your desk drawer, you will never have a published book. So true. So I would like to encourage all inspiring authors and artists to go out there and seek to accomplish your goal. Sometimes the prize lies in the journey itself.

Fall, winter and holidays arrived. Wait. What happened to summer?

My hope is many blessings for all.  Fall came and seemed more like extended summer here in Oklahoma and suddenly it was the Holidays!  I look forward to seeing my latest book, ABCats, released this year. I will keep you posted on the timing.  In the meantime, may we all use the many gifts and talents each of us have been given to make our families, communities and the world a better, more peaceful place.