Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a blessed holiday.
Wish list for 2022:
Health–end of pandemic
Understanding in social and political interactions
Cooperation and creativity toward solving the problems of our day
Provision and protection for all children
Peace–physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually

It’s Available!

ABCats is finally here. Available in Hardback or Paperback, it can be purchased online through the publisher Doodleandpeck.com or your local bookstore.


is scheduled to launch September 1st 2021 but I couldn’t wait to give an early announcement! The picture book shows a variety of cats performing a variety of acts. I started out painting cats for fun and ended up writing a feline romp through the alphabet. Stay tuned for reviews as this book begins it’s journey.

Even though the launch date is not until fall, books may be preordered from the publisher, Doodle and Peck Publishing. Contact at www.doodleandpeck.com.
Go to the Gallery to see a few of the illustrations!
Or view the Where to Purchase Books page to see the cover!


My, what a feisty fellow
That jay on the wire can be!
Cawing and causing a chaos,
Ruler of ruckus is he.

Boasting his might, daring to fight,
That jay frightens all from his tree.
Flapping and flashing his fury,
Trespassers furiously flee.

Perched at the top of his domain,
He puffs-up his feathery down.
“I am the king!” cries the blue-robed songbird.
“Surely you noticed my crown!”